Hi, I'm Vincent Valentino.

I design websites, mobile apps, and web apps.

Website for Financial Advisor Firm
Salesforce Insiders App
Mobile-first web app to connect potential recruits with current Salesforce employees to learn what life is like at Salesforce
Cafe Mobile App and POS iPad App
UX and UI design for a point-of-sale iPad app and companion mobile app that would streamline the process of ordering coffee at the Salesforce employee cafe.
Salesforce Employee Onboarding App
New-hire employee onboarding task list app for Salesforce. UX and UI design for mobile and web.
Helicopter Tour Website
Tourism website redesign concept for a helicopter tour company.
Intelligent Sales Assistant and Support App
Intelligent sales assistant and support web and mobile app for Salesforce Sales employees.
Health, Fitness, & Nutrition Coaching App
Mobile app for tracking exercise, nutrition, and health metrics and getting personalized coaching from a team of professionals.
Financial Advisor Website
Website redesign for financial advisor in San Diego, CA.
Ocean Conservation Website
Website for an organization dedicated to ocean cleanup and conservation education
Full Redesign for Three Manufacturing Companies
Full treatment (branding, marketing materials, websites) for three manufacturing companies in China to help them better compete and appeal to US and European customers.
Web App: Remote Patient Health Monitoring
This web-based application was designed as more senior-friendly experience for the existing RevUp web interface. We stripped out features that were built for younger users, like social and photo logging, aggregated everything onto a single screen, and put the clinician messaging front and center as the most important feature.
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