This was a rapid prototype concept to explore how we might create a more efficient, personalized, and enjoyable ordering process for Salesforce employees at the employee cafes. The solution was to be built on the Salesforce platform, leveraging AI and data insights to create an optimal experience that starts before an employee even reaches the cafe.
The process started with understanding our users’ needs, desires, environment, frame of mind, and limitations before, during, and after ordering a drink through the app.

Next, user workflows were created in order to understand the various ways a user might interact with the iPad and mobile apps.

Before moving in high fidelity interactive designs, wireframes were designed to conceptualize the user experience and layout of required elements before moving into visual design.
Order editing occurs in a familiar format similar to verbal ordering of a drink. Every employee's favorites, recent orders, and personalized recommendations are quickly accessible.
A new, intuitive interface with navigation by drink category was designed to reduce friction in the ordering process.

An employee simply swipes their badge next to a reader to log into their personal profile and quickly order their favorite drinks the way they want them.

Real-time data awareness enables the app to give accurate preparation time estimates.
In the companion mobile app, employees can browse and select a drink on their own schedule and place an order when they’re on the way to the cafe.

The employee’s phone is recognized as they pass through a gateway at the entry of the cafe, and their order is automatically put into the queue.

Leveraging Salesforce Einstein AI, a personal flavor palette is created from analysis of a user’s favorite drinks, and is used in combination with seasonal and local trends, weather, and the tastes of similar users to generate personalized drink recommendations.

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