Salespeople are busy, and don’t have time to search for products and sales tools they need across a multitude of sources. Often they ended up filing a support case instead and waiting days for an answer that they should have been able to find easily.
Ask Astro endeavored to solve this problem by aggregating data from multiple sources, providing intelligent tools and instant answers, and offering access to support when needed.
This is an ongoing project with many incredible new features being designed and planned for release.
The user is welcomed to the desktop app by Astro, the Salesforce mascot. The focus is on search, with available quick-links for common tools and questions
Users can also access the app through an expandable widget that lives within their daily workspace.The widget state resides on screens where salespeople work, and can be re-positioned anywhere the user desires. The goal was to be immediately accessible yet unobtrusive.
Compact view of the app home screen and details of a search result in the widget view.
Going beyond search, tools are available for users to get answers to common questions that previously required opening a support ticket, such as checking status of a quote or sales commission. Additionally, existing support tickets can be accessed and managed from within the app.

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