Attention iPhone users – your digital 2nd Amendment rights have been restored! AMMOJI is an all-new set of emoji and stickers for iPhone users ready to put the “pew” back into your messages.  
After downloading iOS 10 many users were shocked to see their classic emoji revolver morphed into a squirt gun. Emasculating much?  The revolver might have been outdated, but a squirt gun?  Military, law enforcement, and various couch-commandos demanded stickers and emoji worthy of their messaging.
After a few gripes and complaints (and several cocktails) I set out to right this wrong. AMMOJI features several types of guns, ammo, grenades – make your messages tacticool once more.  
AMMOJI is available now in the App Store for an introductory price of $0.99. Future updates will include more ‘Merica in the form of new guns and tactical badassery.  
If you’re ready to reclaim your texting rights as a sandwich-eating American, download AMMOJI now!
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